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The gear you need to start fishing for carp in Canada

Big carp in Canada

OK, you have finally decided to fish for carp in Canada. Listed below, you will find some of the more popular items specialized to carp fishing. Though various foreign web sites overseas have vast selections of carp fishing gear, there really isn't much supply in Canada.

I've compiled some lists of searches on Amazon that should show results of carp fishing gear available in Canada. Rods, reels, handing gear, end tackle, bait, and more.

I hope you find this information useful. Happy shopping!

Carp rods

Carp rods are typically longer than most conventional rods. Most run between 10 and 13 feet long, with 12 footers being the most common. Carp rods strength/flexibily is measured by it's test curve in lbs. Rod strength from 2.75 lbs to 3.5 lbs test curve is ideal, with heavier/stiffer models for specialized distance casting or spodding.

The Daiwa Black Widow is an decent carp rod that won't break the bank, and can handle the biggest of carp.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Baitrunner reels

Baitrunner reels take the guesswork out of messing with your drag on those violent carp takes. When a carp picks up your bait and gets hooked, that inital run on the take will pull your rod into the water in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it's crucial to have the drag set on minimal resistance. Once you lift the rod to set on the carp, a baitrunner will allow you to engage your standard drag setting by reeling 1/4 turn with your reel, or pushing the baitrunner lever up or down, depending on the reel model.

Baitrunner reels are designed for still fishing with bait. Ideal sizes for carp fishing run between the 4000 to 6000 series. Lower range models from Okuma such as the Okuma Avenger are good, and if your prefer higher end models, Shimano has a variety of baitrunner reels a bit higher in cost. Avoid cheap brands built overseas, carp will test your reel's quality with their powerful, drag peeling runs.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Rod pods

A rod pod is a fancy rod holder used to hold your rods in position while waiting for carp to bite.Typically used in conjuction with bite alarms, they can be placed in different positions depending on the spot your fish.

The price range is extremely variable, and in general, you get what you pay for.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Bank sticks

Bank sticks are a simpler version of a rod pod, used for standalone rods. Lighter and quicker to setup than a rod pod, they are great when fishing from a soft surfaced bank such as grass or earth, as they screw into the ground. Tougher to use in rocky areas, and useless on concrete.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Bite alarms / indicators

Bite indicators are used to let you know when a carp is running with your free line. Most models screw into the rod pod's buzzbar, and into bank sticks as well. As they are illuminated, you can hear and see the rod alarms in the dark too. Some alarms come in kits with a color coded receiver as well, so you can have a good spread of multiple rods fishing at the same time, ranges vary from 100 to 200 meters. They allow for you to fish from the comfort of a tent, or even heated / air conditioned car while you wait.

Again, the price range is extremely variable, and in general, you get what you pay for.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Landing nets

A landing net is essential to be able to land any decent sized carp. Avoid using nylon or knotted models if you plan to release your carp, as those models destroy their fins and shred their scales. Most good landing nets are very wide, and net materials are either knotless mesh or rubber. Many are colapsible, but avoid folding mechanisms, they will eventually fail when you land a big one, especially if you need to lift from a vertical position. If you own and old hoop net with a long handle, replacing the nylon mesh with carp friendly material is an option as well.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Unhooking mat

Using an unhooking mat is imporant when it come to releasing trophy sized fish like carp. The mat will protect a thrashing fish from destroying it's skin/scales on sharp rocks, gravel, concrete, or wherever else you may be fishing. It will also prevent dirt, grass or leaves from sticking to the slimy skin, providing you with nicer pictures of your trophy.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Sliding sinkers are the most pouplar models used in carp fishing, with inline sinkers being the top of the list. When a carp makes it's initial run, the sinker will hold in place while line peels off your reel. Choose weight to match both castability and current conditions.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Carp hooks

A variety of hooks specialized to carp fishing rigs are available. The combinations are endless, but in general, opt for hooks from sizes 2 to 6, my personal preference is size 4 curve shank models I use to tie my hair rigs.

I recommend Gamakatsu G carp "hump" models, though Fox Arma point SSC's are great if you can still find them. Other popular brands incluse Nash, Korda, Drennan, ESP, Kamasan and Gardner.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Hair rigs

The hair rig is by far the most popular rig used in Euro style carp fishing. For more information and to purchase, click here

Carp bait

Carp are oppotunistic feeders, and will get accustomed to feeding on a variety of prepared baits, which included particles such as corn or tiger nuts, to prepared / manufactured baits such as boilies or pellets.

During the spring and summer months, I often have enough fresh frozen boilies in stock to be able to sell some. My boilies usually outperform most of the store brands that I've tried. For more information or to purchase my boilies, click here.

If you prefer to try big name brands, purchase on by Purchase on by clicking here.

Baiting tools - catapults

Catapults are used to chum particles or boilies around your hookbait at short to mid range.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Baiting tools - Spods/Spombs

Spodding is a method used to deliver chum at long casting range. It requires the use of a dedicated long and stiff rod, as well as accurate casting. Chum is loaded into the spod or spomb, and then cast accurately to the same areas as your hookbait at mid to long range.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Baiting tools - PVA

PVA is a material designed to melt when it comes to contact with water. It lends itself very well to chumming for carp, and comes in forms of string, mash or bags. Bait is either tied in strings, or stuffed into the PVA mesh or bags, then tied to you hook or sinker. When cast out, PVA will melt shorly after hitting the water, leaving your chum pile very close you your hookbait.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Baiting needles

Bait needles are used to mount your carp bait onto a hair rig.

Purchase on by clicking here.

Bait stops

Bait are used to hold your bait in place on a hair rig.

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If you have any questions, comments or need some information, I'll be more than happy to get back to you.

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