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Top fishing guides in Montreal recommended by Freshwater Phil. Catch the fish of your dreams, Big carp, musky, walleye, bass, and northern pike.

As I'm always being asked about fishing guides and guided fishing trips in the Montreal area, particularly the St Lawrence River, I've decided to create a page recommending the best guides I know.

Many people don't have the opportunity to fish as often as they would like. Whether it's the lack of time, a boat, equipment or know how, or if you are visiting / just moved to a new area, paying an experienced fishing guide to show you the ropes is a great way to get started, as well as a worthwhile investment.

Tourist visiting Montreal for business or pleasure can also take advantage of Montreal's great fishing by fishing with fully equipped, knowledgeable and experienced fishing guides.

A guided fishing outing wil typically provide memories that last a lifetime, and makes for a great gift idea for that special angler in your life. Birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties or Xmas, gift certificates available as well with most guides.

I have fished with most of the following guides and can attest to them being great guys, as well as highly experienced fishermen. Not that they need my approval, the pics below speak for themselves. They will show you how, when and where to fish, and hopefully put you on to some trophy fish as well.

Ice fishing for for rainbow and speckled trout (winter only).

Come fish stocked rainbow and speckled trout with me up North this winter. Easy fishing great for kids, generous bag limits, and stay warm in heated log cabin.

Specs: Gorgeous, clean mountain setting, less than 140 KM from Montreal. Well stocked lake, very kid friendly ice fishing.
Techniques: Vertically jigging, fishing tips ups with bait.

Best time: Mid December thru March, depending on ice conditions and weather.

All gear (except clothing) and tackle provided.

Log heated shelter provided.

Can accommodate large groups. Ideal for beginners and children.

Daily rates: $400 per day + $75 per 10 trout quota, $20 for non fishing adults, and kids are free. Tips Welcome.

Contact me about a guided ice fishing trip by clicking here.

Ice fishing for panfish and/or predators (winter only).

This option is preferable for seasoned ice anglers, or those that prefer to target public waterways out in the open.

Specs: Various destinations available, Montreal/Monteregie, Upper Laurentians, Eastern townships and Outaouais.

Techniques: Vertically jigging with flashers (Humminbird, Marcum), fishing tips ups with bait (pike).

Best time: December thru March, depending on ice conditions and weather.

All gear (except clothing) and tackle provided.

Can accommodate large groups. Not recommended for young children.

Daily rates: $400 per day. Tips Welcome.

Contact me about a guided ice fishing trip by clicking here.

Freshwater Phil: Monster carp fishing.

Head out to the shores of the world famous St. Lawrence River, one of the best carp fishing waterways areas in Canada & North America. Fish reaching over 30 LBS, occasional 40 LB carps are caught every year. If you haven't tried fishing for carp or have never had the chance to fight one yet, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. Carp fishing is fun for the entire family, bring along your little ones for a day of fun. Let me show you how it's done, chances are you'll be hooked for life!

Technique: Still fishing from shore.

Best time: May thru October.

All gear, tackle and bait provided.

Can accommodate large groups up to 10-12 people.

Transport from Montreal (Metro station) for groups of 3 or less people (if required).

Daily rate: $400 for up to 4 people, $50 per additional person. Tips welcome.

Contact Phil about a guided fishing trip by clicking here.

Mike - Specialty: Giant Musky
Other species: Walleye, Northern pike.

Mike is one of Montreal's top walleye and musky guides. We fished together a number of times, and I was amazed by his 6th sense when it comes to fishing and the outdoors in general. Whether you're looking for record sized muskies on the St Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers, or giant walleyes on Lac St Louis and Bay of Quinte, big salmon on Lake Ontario, Mike is the right fishing guide with the proper equipment to put you on to the fish of your dreams.

Boat specs: 18.5 ft Lund, 200HP Mercury, GPS/sonar.

Techniques: Trolling, casting.

Best time: July thru November for muskies, June/July for salmon, spring and late fall for giant walleye.

All gear and tackle provided.

3 people maximum.

Daily rate: $400, tips welcome.

Contact Mike about a guided fishing trip by clicking here.

Patrick - Specialty: Sturgeon
Other species: Musky, Trout / Salmonids, American shad

Patrick is a multi species fisherman, specializing in various species that inhabit our province. From big salmonids such as landlocked salmon and trout, to monster sturgeons, patrick can put you on to some trophies, as well as show you how it's done properly. He's equally at home fishing for walleye and shad as well.

Boat Specs: 17.5 foot Lund, 75 HP engine, GPS, sonar.

Techniques: Casting, still fishing , trolling.

Best time: April thru October, depending on open seasons and species targeted.

All gear and tackle provided.

3 people maximum.

Daily rates:

Sturgeon (mid August to October 31st):
$350 for 1-2 people, $450 for 3 people.

American Shad (mid May - early June):
$250 2 people, $300 for 3 people.

Trout/Landlocked Salmon (late April to August):
$350 for 1-2 people, $450 for 3 people.

Tips welcome.

Contact Patrick about a guided fishing trip by clicking here.

Mark - Specialty: Trophy walleye
Other species: Bass, Sturgeon, Musky

Mark specializes in fishing for trophy sized walleye, as well as other species in and around the Montreal region.

Boat Specs: Ranger 621 Fisherman (Multi Species) Mercury 250 EFI & Mercury 9.9 kicker

Techniques: Finesse, casting trolling, fly Fishing, ice Fishing.

Best time: May thru November, depending on species targeted.
Ice Fishing, January through March.

All gear and tackle provided.

Daily rate: $475.00 Full Day, $375.00 half day. Rates based on 2 people, with 4 people max. Additional charge for extra persons.Tips welcome.

Contact Mark about a guided fishing trip by clicking here.

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