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Freshwater Phil's shore fishing spots

Freshwater Phil's shore fishing spots

Channel Catfish

Channel Catfish are abundant and quite easy to catch when they're feeding. During the spring, they aren't very active, then in the summer, they tend to start feeding near dusk and throughout portions of the night. I used to fish them using dead minnows, typically in 4-5 inch range, unless I could find bigger suckers to use as cutbait. Now that the use of live and dead baitfish is prohibited in Quebec since 2017, worms or chicken livers would be the bait of choice. Though they aren't the prettiest fish, they pull quite hard, especially when they are in strong current, due to their big heads and strong shoulders. Contrary to popular belief, channel catfish are not just scavengers. They are often predatory, being caght on spoons and crankbaits at times.

Montreal's shore fishing spots