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Freshwater Phil's shore fishing spots

Freshwater Phil's shore fishing spots

Panfish include the species that most of us started catching as kids, due to their abundance and willingness to aggressively take live bait. I started all my kids on Perch, Sunfish and Rock Bass, as at that age, numbers are more important than size.


Probably the most abundant species during the warmer months, sunfish virtually guarantee non stop action for my kids. They make learning how to cast and how to set the hook tons of fun. We have both bluegill and pumkinseed sunfish around Montreal, I typically use a small #10 or #12 hook with a split shot and small piece of live worm for bait.


Perch are another species that are very abundant in our waterways. They are agressive 12 months a year, colder months are usually better for Jumbo perch which occasionally hit 1 lb. I typically set my kids up with the same rigs are for sunfish, but switch to smal jigging lures tipped with worm when ice fishing for perch. Perch are great eating fish.

Montreal's shore fishing spots