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Freshwater Phil's shore fishing spots

Freshwater Phil's shore fishing spots

Lake Sturgeon

The rivers and waterways surrounding Montreal are filled with lake sturgeon. Most are under 50 lbs, though they can reach up to 200 lbs in this part of Canada. These prehistoric fish pull hard and give a great fight. I fish them using medium-heavy 7-8 foot rods with a strong reel spooled with 50-65 LB braided line. The setup is a 1/0 to 3/0 hook tied below a sliding sinker, stopped with a swivel about 18 inches aboves the hook. Bait used is 2 - 3 large worms hooked as a "worm ball". Unlike carp and channel catfish, sturgeon's have an extremely subtle take. Keeping a constant eye or finger on your line will improve your odds of getting a good hookset as soon as a sturgeon takes the bait. Use Wide gap or Octopus style hooks instead of circle hooks, and be sure to set the hook hard. Sturgeon are by far the strongest fish with the most fighting stamina, due to their muscular, sharklike bodies. They often jump during a fight, and make long, blistering runs

Patrick and Mark offer guided sturgeon fishing trips, contact them by clicking here.

Montreal's shore fishing spots